Our History

school hallway

Project Reflect was founded in 1992 to serve children living in poverty and to transform urban America through education and education reform. Project Reflect began with a summer tutoring program called PREP. PREP quickly grew to a year-round effort, successfully taking students significantly behind in school and bringing them up to read at grade level.

In 2003, Project Reflect opened Smithson-Craighead Academy, the first charter school in Middle Tennessee. Serving students in grades K-4, SCA offers children a top tier education with emphasis on math and literacy. PREP continues to support the students in an afterschool program offering specialized interventions and a tutoring as well as enrichment programs like chess, art, music, and more.

Over 92% of our students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Most come to us a grade level or more behind in school and with a variety of affective needs that must be addressed before academic success can be achieved. Specialized interventions and tutoring programs further help these children overcome obstacles, including mental and/or physical health challenges such as ADHD, asthma and various learning disabilities as well as affective challenges, to achieve academic success. Our priorities are 1) a safe place for all the children; 2) a home away from home where the school staff attends to the children’s affective needs, character development, and self-identity as part of a caring community; 3) an exciting and effective laboratory for academic achievement.

We also work with the families to provide programs and interventions that support strong family function and self-identified needs.